The GlitterFox Scrap Pack
Story-centered, classically-inspired, ready-to-scrap kits,

thoughtfully designed to infuse storytelling and soul back into your pages. 
The "Escape" Scrap Pack:
The Story behind The Scrap Pack...
It started with a question: 
Why do most scrapbook layouts have no soul? 
When we first starting hunting through popular page designs, we discovered that most scrapbook pages are just flat decoration glued around a set of photos...

Cute but simple. Nice-ish looking but missing something that makes you say “wow.” 

Sometimes dry and a little boring. 

Cosmetically enhanced but not naturally beautiful.

Simply put: Most page layouts have no soul!

... but we knew that scrapbooking could be so much more than that. 

And SHOULD be more!
Because these are not just flat pages out of a dry book! When we scrap, we’re documenting a memory—a story—about something or someone important.   

And that memory is vivid, real, and bursting with magical moments. 

THOSE are the stories we wanted to tell through scrapbooking.

Your stories, your kid’s stories, your friends, family, vacations, events, adventures near and far. 

Life – in full color. 

It’s a story that deserves to be told.

That’s where we started: The Story
Why the Scrap Pack is Different 
— A new concept for scrapbooking...
When we set out to design the pages for our scrap pack, our head Glitter Fox designer pulled from formal story-tell for inspiration. She studied classic literature structures, poetry, fiction writers plot-graphs, & the composition of classical works of art.
This fresh conceptual design led us to create new direction in the world of scrapbooking.   

Inside each of our eight-page spreads, the pages all center around the most important part of a scrapbook: 
The story it wants to tell.
Keep reading to discover how we did it...
All Great Scrapbooks Start and End with a Story
We begin with page one of the Scrap Pack...
The Story – Page 1
Good stories start off with a bang! 

They pull you in immediately so you become immersed inside their world. 

The first page of our scrap pack is engineered to do that same thing: opening your picture-story with all the grandeur it deserves! 

Here you will find big, eye-catching elements cut from premium products and always with a little bling to set it off. 

Grand-center, you'll place the picture you love the most from the event you’re scrapping. 

This is always the page that you’ll go back to again and again when you want to remember that moment.

After the first burst of excitement, we looked the middle of the story where all the action takes place...

In the center pages:

we’ve designed a rolling pattern of photo frames, sentiments, and embellishments, using artist’s composition to move your eye around the page, all set to the backdrop of our stunning custom papers. 

These pages are engineered to build upon each other as you journey deeper into the story.  
The Story – Pages 2 and 3

Pages two and three are designed to really get things rolling. They reflect a feeling of excitement and joy centered around this new adventure that is taking place and have a layout centered around movement and flow. 
The Story – Pages 4 and 5
Right in middle of your eight-page spread, you’ll find large graphics and bold colors/ placements with embellishments that pop. This visual layout provides the base, the hearty section, of what your pictures are saying. 

These pages design to create a solid middle-core. A point to pause and re-live the best moments of your story.
The Story – Pages 6 and 7
Here we’re getting close to the end, so the page designs begin to tighten and spin into themselves, just like the classic writer’s plot line of a story arch. 

You can also see this theme echoed in art and paintings throughout the ages... it’s a design philosophy known as The Golden Ratio, and it pulls the entire piece together in one, giant burst of color and design.  
The Story – Page 8
Here we’re finishing our journey, celebrating the fun and joy of the adventure we just experienced. 

 On this last page, we mimic many of the elements and excitement of the first page (just like traditional writing outlines) but with more weight so that, visually, it feels like you’ve reached a solid, satisfying finish. 

 Here we often include an optional re-cap card element where you can record the:

 who/when/ where’s of the story you’ve just told... 

... kind of like the credits at the end of a movie. 

 (The who/when/ where’s is always the first thing people always ask after they’ve flipped through a scrapbook, 

... so we’ve designed those precious details to be directly integrated into the page!) 

With this last page, your scrapbook memory is complete 

... and your story has been integrated throughout—designed that way— from beginning to end.  
This is why the Scrap Pack is different. 
It’s a whole new concept for a story-centered, classically-inspired scrapbook spread, infusing the soul back into your pages.
 It’s time to tell your stories, and tell them well.  
Are you ready to embrace this new scrapbooking concept?
Then order your pack,  join us for our next workshop, and let the story telling begin...
Detail Photos of the Page Elements...
Laser-cut 3-D wood tiles with Gold Gilding technique. 
(You'll learn this technique in your workshop!)
Laser-cut, multi-layered paper embellishments and sentiments.  
Custom luxury elements you won't find anywhere else. 
Joining the Scrap Pack is like getting...
  • A Giant Kit: To create eight entire 12x12 pages... packed with exclusive papers, luxury embellishments, and unique tools, so you'll always have something new and exciting to play with.
  •  A Personal Scrapbook Designer: Styling uniquely themed layouts with exclusive artwork that is only available inside Scrap Pack kits.
  •  A Full Step-by-Step Workshop: Where you get to learn and follow along, from start to finish, so that your pages turn out stunning, every single time. No guesswork needed. Get in on the crop party and learn the latest techniques that will bring your albums to life!
Check out Everything Included with your Scrap Pack:
  •  Ready-to-Scrap Themed kit: No more staring at an empty page! Get your Ready-to-Scrap kit that includes all the paper, sentiments, and embellishments you'll need. No guesswork required and enough pages to FINISH an entire album with...
  • Eight 12" x 12" full page layouts: beautifully designed with a story-telling focus using artist-created layouts! Just add photos.
  •  Ultra lux 110lb custom printed paper: The Escape Kit includes sheets of custom paper prints that you can't get anywhere else! 
  •  Special Focal Point Embellishments: exclusively designed by GlitterFox... that are so eye-catching you'll be the envy of all your crop friends. Can you say attention grabber?
  •  Corresponding embellishments galore! So you can add as little (for you purists) or as much (for you bedazzlers) as you want. The "Escape" Kit includes:  - Gilding medium, 3 Large laser-cut wood sentiments, 6 Large laser-cut wood embellishments, laser-cut sentiment paper and multi-layered clouds, Glitter Washi Tape, and more! (it's pack, my friend... pack!) 
  •  Fun video workshops: We get to scrap together while I walk you through the exact techniques to assemble every page in the layout. That means you'll get to FINSIH your album, and start showing it off after the class!
  •  Insider Scrapping Latest and Greatest: We hate boring, so in each class we'll cover a new tool, idea or technique! All you need to do is unwrap your kit, watch your workshop, and follow along! Pages? DONE. 
Sounds fun, right? 
How it works ...
Sign up...
... by clicking the "Order Now" button where you can fill out an order form. You'll be sent a confirmation email once everything has been completed! And then get ready, because ... 
Your Scrap Pack will be on it's way soon... 
We'll get your Scrap pack out the door... shipped just for you! Keep an eye on the mail, because this is going to be fun! Once your Scrap Pack arrives...
Assemble while watching our Video Workshop... 
... and learn all steps & techniques that will make your pages turn out amazing, no guess work required! We'll email you the link to the workshop and you can watch it at any time that works for you. 
In fact, go ahead and mark on your calendar: 
"Busy, will be at scrapping class." 
Have more questions? You can visit out FAQ page here for additional Scrap Pack details. 
Not Sure? 
Check out a few of our Frequently Asked Questions: 
 What's included with my Scrap Pack?
The "Escape" scrap pack is meant for a travel album and includes all the paper, sentiments and embellishments you'll need to create eight fully-finished 12x12 pages (just add your own photos!), we've also included a roll of glitter wash tape and a gold medium pen for enhancing your wood embellishments and paper accents. See the photos above for a reference of what your pages will look like. 

Oh! ... and don't forget that your Escape pack comes with a full length, step-by-step workshop so that you'll never have to guess what your pages are supposed to look like (PLUS, we've got some great techniques to share with you and you can use on other paper crafts!).    

We're always adding new themed kits, so check back often to see what's new! 
What are the included Workshops like? 
Our workshops are hosted by our resident expert, "Chatty" Cathy, and include how to put your Scrap Pack together from the first blank page to the last little embellishment We also include cut instructions (that you can print or just look at on your computer) because we've all been to scrapping classes where half the time you felt like you didn't know what was going on...

... but no more! Now there is no guesswork. All you need to create these stunning pages is an internet connection, a device that can play video, and a desire in your heart to scrap the day away! All fun, no hair pulling, and if you need to watch a technique again, all you have to do it hit rewind.   
What do I need to assemble my Scrap Pack? 
Besides your Scrap Pack contents, you'll just need standard scrapping supplies, like: a paper cutter, adhesive, scissors, a ruler... and enough tape in your tape-gun that you don't run out half way through. We've all been there! Don't worry. If you need anything, you can always hit "pause" on your workshop and go grab supplies. 
 If I order now, when will I get my Scrap Pack?
New scrap packs are assembled and shipped as the orders come in. Normally, your Scrap Pack should be on it's way within 5-10 business days! 

We're a tiny shop run by gals who love scrapbooking so we really pride ourselves on hand-packing each kit (with love & wash tape) before it is sent out to you. 

If you even have any questions about an order, you can always shoot us a note at our Contact Us page. We'd love to hear from you! 
For more details on shipping and other questions, check out our faq page
If you don't see the info you're looking for, head over to our Contact Us page and send us note! 
Are you ready to get this Scrap Started? 
The Scrap Pack is like having: 
a Ready-to-Scrap Kit, a Personal Scrapbook Designer, and a Full Step-by-Step Workshop

... show up, gift-wrapped, at your door. 

Album? DONE!  
I have to share a secret with you: 
"I bleed glitter..."
Hi, this is "Chatty" Cathy with GlitterFox...
I wanted to tell you a secret that you may or may not have guessed, but...
I bleed glitter.
Scrapbooking is not just a hobby, it's a record of our lives. 
And it makes me happy, gosh darn it. 

When I’m scrapping and in the zone, time flies by...

... almost magically flies by. You know what I mean? 

Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and wanted to escape into your craft room? 

Do you ever think about how great it would be for your kids to have that scrapbook 20 or 30 years from now? 

Or that friend that you made that mini album for? 

Or that feeling when you’ve put the finishing touches on a project, and you hold it in your hands for the first time? 

Or rifling through stacks of paper at the craft store, searching for that one perfect sheet? 
"Chatty" Cathy
Self-Diagnosed Scrapbook Addict
I LOVE Everything About the Process of Scrapbooking...
... re-living memories  

... the creativity

... the excitement of a fresh page, waiting to turn into something

... pulling everything together and having it be so cute & fun. 

Giving it away. 

Keeping it for myself. 

Beautiful memories coming together one glue dot at a time. 

I used to wish I took the time to scrapbook more often, but life always seemed to find a way to slip in there and eat up my days. 

I wanted to go to conventions and workshops and learn new techniques/ revive old ones that I’d totally forgotten about. 

I wanted to go to more classes on stuff I’d never tried but always wanted to learn. 

But, instead, life kept rolling on, and my stacks of half-done albums just kept growing taller.  

It’s so easy to get distracted from the things that fill you up, that bring you joy. 

And it’s so easy to fall into old patterns and not do anything for yourself when you’re so busy taking care of everything (and everyone) else. 

But life is too short to not have fun. 
That's why I created the GlitterFox Scrap Pack...
... where you get, delivered to your door, an entire box of scrapbooking joy (page layouts, embellishments, and all!) AND complete follow-along workshops that show you how to put everything together. 

It’s like having a live class, a personal scrapbook shopper, and new, exciting ideas pop by your house for a visit.
In fact, you can add a date in your calendar right now that says, 
“Busy: Will be at New Scrapbook Workshop.”  

It’s time we take time for ourselves. 

On purpose! ❤️ Doing something we love...

Get your GlitterFox Scrap Pack today!
*Plus Shipping and Handling
Are you ready to scrap like you mean it? 
Start Making the Pages You've Always Dreamed of... 
It's quick and easy to grab your Scrap Pack! And just imaging how exciting it will be when that box of goodies shows up at your door...

So don't wait, or you'll be thinking about this all day tomorrow. 

Give yourself the gift of "me" time, give yourself a GlitterFox Scrap Pack, and let the crop-party begin!
Have more questions? You can visit our FAQ page here for additional Scrap Pack details and most commonly asked questions.
We're always happy to hear from you! If you need anything else, please feel free to send us a note by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.
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