Growing a Brand is Challenging
Overcoming Those Challenges is What We Do Best
We are ruthless about driving growth & optimizing sales for brands we believe in. 
Custom Strategies as Unique as You Are
with Everything Your Brand Needs to Flourish 
Welcome to Glitter Fox
Audience Channels We Own
Glitter Fox currently owns and manages several of the largest Facebook pages, groups, and email lists inside the following niches: 
  • Crafting Market: Facebook/ email access to over 85,000 individuals¬†¬†
  • Food and Kitchen Market: Facebook/ email access to over 80,000 individuals¬†
  • Books and Lifestyle Market: Facebook/ email access to over 25,000 individuals
... And we are constantly growing inside new niches!

To learn more about partnering with us on one of our Audience Channels, Contact Us today.
What We Do
It's Tme to Break Out of Brand Growth Jail 
with our Documented Six-Step Success System
Optimize Sales
We Create OnGoing Listing Optimization and Monitoring, to Maximize the Sales Potential of Every Product
Customer Growth
We Develop Ad Strategies and Campaign Management focused to Build a Raving Fan Base of Buyers who keep coming back, again & again
Brand Protection
We Routinely Check for Unauthorized Seller, Amazon Violations, and MSRP Compliance so You Don't Have to 
Critical Data Tracking
We Monitor and Track Estimate Sales, Buyer Reviews, and Time-to-Fullfillment so You Can Make Data-Informed Decisions
Profit Boosting
We Track and  Fix the Little Leaks That Keep Brand Owners Poor
Tight, Timely Delivery
We've Carefully Perfected the Buy-Ship-Receive Process so Happy Customer Get Their Orders in a Flash
Just a few of the Products We've Taken to New Heights
Glitter Fox is a whole new concept in branding... 
Story-centered campaigns and strategies thoughtfully designed to infuse storytelling & soul back into your brand.
At Glitter Fox, we've taken picture-based story telling to a whole new level ...
Why do most products fall flat?
When we first started hunting through popular listings, we discovered that most products fall flat.

They come up feeling... Boring. Sterile.
... and not selling at their full potential.  

Simply put: Most product and brand marketing has no soul!

... but we knew that they could be so much more than that!

Meet the Head Honcho 

Katherine Addis 
Founder, CEO
Katherine Addis is founder & CEO of Glitter Fox LLC. 

Her background as CEO of a successful  manufacturing company provides a unique perspective in product development, market research, and effective launch strategies. 

She lives in sunny Arizona. When not conceptualizing new brands or product launches, she can usually be found in her craft room creating messy but beautiful cards, scrapbooks, and mixed media projects (with the cat getting in the way, of course).
Hi, my name is Cathy and Welcome to

You're about to discover one of the newest scrapbooking crazes…

… a technique that is super simple but looks fantastic.

I’m going to show you how to take flat paper flowers and shape them in a way that will really pop off your page! 

 Doesn’t that sound great? 

 (P.S. This technique also makes amazing cards… so, BONUS!) 

 And then, in my Free Video Workshop, we’re going to create a stunning two page layout using these flowers plus a few bonus extra that I'm throwing in, just for you. 

AND I'll also be showing you three brand-new coloring techniques that will make these flowers pop and sizzle off the page in ways you wouldn't believe!

 Sounds like fun, right? 

You'll be amazing at how simple it is to learn this! When I discovered these techniques, I couldn't wait to share them with my fellow addicted scrapbookers. 

So... Are you ready to get this crop party started? 

If you’re like me, you know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with all the scrapbooking pieces tucked into our scrap drawers.

 (You know what I’m talking about?) 

... And don’t even get me started on the amount of paper I have! 

 (You really know what I’m talking about now, don’t you? :-) 

But so many times when I pull out a blank page…

 … I freeze. 

 I just don’t know what to do next. 

Has this ever happened to you? 

 … So my albums sit half-finished. 

 … My pages a mess of washi tape, sentiment labels, and embellishments. 

 … And my layouts never turn out as amazing as the stuff I see all over Pinterest. 

But I want them to! 

Don’t you?

 You know what I mean?! 

 … I want scrapbook pages that look stunning, beautiful, and so amazing that other people envy the photos I’m posting! 

 … I want to finish the projects I start.

 … I want to preserve these precious memories. 

¬†‚Ķ And, most of all, I just want to scrapbook! ‚ÄėCause I love it.¬†

 You know?

 Were you born with glitter in your veins and scrapbooking in your heart? 

If so, we should be SFFs (Scrapbooking Friends Forever). 

 That stray piece of glitter on your face gave it away. 

 Because happiness can be summed up with pop-dots, paper, and new page layouts…

 … I've created a Free Flower Shaping Printable (that also makes a really fun two-page) so you’ll see what Glitter Fox is all about. 

 With your new Free Printable, you’ll not only get digi-stamps that you can print and re-use anytime 

… you’ll also learn a beautiful flower shaping technique that is taking the scrapbooking world by storm and 

 … get access to my free video-workshop that goes step-by-step through making a simple and stunning 12x12 two-page layout (using stuff you probably already have), you can add it to an album right now! 

After you sign up, you'll get all the details about how you can immediately get your printable and how to access the step-by-step workshop on this flower shaping technique. 

(It’s so cool and surprisingly easy to master if you have the right tips!) 

 So go ahead, click the "Get My Free Printable" button below, put in your name and best email address, and I'll see you at the crop! 

 Love, Hugs and Washi Tape, 

My Free Printable
Ready-to-Scrap Artwork 
with all the bits and pieces you need to create stunning 3-D shaped flowers
 ... with our BONUS video workshop.
Print, cut, and get ready to learn this fun, new technique that's taking the scrapbooking world by storm! 
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