About Us
(The happy folks at GlitterFox who are self-diagnosed scrapbooking addicts...)
GlitterFox is a small, US based company run by an itty-bitty, close-knit team of individuals who love scrapbooking and crafting. We are real people, passionate about what we do and the products we make. When you email us, you are talking directly with the folks who handle the products, pack boxes, take photos, design the Scrap Packs, and everything in-between!
Based in the sunny (and, yes, very warm) state of Arizona, we are small, home-grown business that started with a dream and has developed into one of the most exclusive scrapbooking membership in the country. “Chatty” Cathy (star of many of our videos and workshops) is our founder and her joy for scrapping (and all things crafting) is contagious.
Cathy lives with her husband on a plot of land in Southern Arizona, where she tries to coax green things to grow, despite the drier-than-dry climate. She is constantly battling to keep cat and dog hair out of her craft room (which no amount of vacuuming seems to fix!) and loves spending time with her kids and new grandbaby.
When she’s not scrapbooking (which is very rare... hahaha!), you can usually find Cathy reading a cozy mystery novel, baking goodies in her kitchen, or plucking weeds out of her garden.
Contact Us
If you need anything or just want to say hi, you can get ahold of us through our Contact page here
Because we run a small, tight ship, we will respond to your inquires on a first-come basis. Please be kind and caring with our tiny staff, just like you would with any fellow scrapbook friend. We love all members of our Scrap Pack and are so honored to be able to serve you every day!
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