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Hi, this is "Chatty" Cathy with GlitterFox
(it's "Chatty" Cathy to my friends, because I have the slight tendency to gab...)
I have a secret to share with you:
"I bleed glitter..."
If you’re an addicted scrapbooker like me, then I know you’ve probably got a ton of half-finished projects sitting on your craft table right now.
Or maybe they’re hiding in drawers, so your significant other won’t ask WHY you need to go to the craft store if you haven’t finished the stuff you have at home. 
(Don’t worry. I won’t tell if you don’t.)

Well, it's time we get back to FINISHING some pages while learning the super-fun technique of Flower Shaping! 
If you've never done it before, the results are going to blow your mind. 
And if you're a flower-making veteran
...  just wait to see the stunning coloring tips and tricks I'm going to show you that will have those embellishments practically jumping off the page!
And then, with another BONUS workshop,  we'll top it all off by creating a stunning two-page layout that you can add to any album right now. 
Doesn't that sound like fun?
When I first discovered these techniques, I could believe how simple they were to master (because the results are so gorgeous)
... So I knew I had to share these fantastic results with my fellow scrapbookers.
That’s why I created this printable and am giving you access to my workshops.
... Because we all deserve to have some fun and scrap more, more, more!
So let's get scrapping!
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We all know that scrapbooking is cheaper than therapy, so let’s get back to spending time doing what we love.
I don’t know how long I’ll keep this page up (last time I did something like this, I crashed my website because so many people were downloading it)
... grab it now, while you still can, and let the glitter fly!
So you've bene warned if it isn't here when you come back tomorrow! 
Love, Blessings, and Washi Tape,
"Chatty" Cathy
(Mom, Wife, Grandma, and self-diagnosed Scrapbook Addict)
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